Top kitchen remodeling trends


Previously family members would only congregate around the kitchen for a meal. However, nowadays kitchen shave transformed to become the focal point in the home where family, friends, and guests gather not only to share meals and drinks but also to socialize and relax.
A complete remodel of the kitchen is a costly undertaking. Therefore, it is particularly important to select the kitchen upgrades with the greatest return on investment. The following are some of the kitchen designs that will be trending this year:
• Open Floor kitchen
The open layout for the kitchen will still be in high demand among homeowners. The kitchen gets a spacious and bright appearance when walls are brought down. Open shelving and low cabinets are easy to reach. It allows for easy storage of kitchen cutlery, food, and other items in an organized way. Cabinets with reasonable or low heights are also currently the trend.
• Metallic Fixtures
For a classic and clean look kitchen design now incorporate metallic fixtures including stainless steel, chrome, nickel, copper, bronze etc. Using them on handles on knobs gives the kitchen a fresh glow. Nickel and chrome will bring the much-needed shine to a dark kitchen. On the other hand copper and bronze blend perfectly with sinks that have warmer tones.
• Blending Counter-tops
For a captivating visual appeal combine different counter-tops in one kitchen such as stainless and marble counters for an attractive finish.
• Paint the kitchen Whitewhite kitchen
If you have not chosen a color for the kitchen, think white. Painting the kitchen white creates a feeling of a well-lit space and openness. According to this house cleaning service in Sacramento white cabinets are not only look simple but also easy to clean and maintain. For a cohesive and harmonious look select white appliances to blend in perfectly. It is more affordable to refinish the current cabinets than replace then with new custom ones.
The latest kitchen appliances will make the kitchen look stylish and modern. Appliances made suing stainless steel still remain the most stylish however there are some that are white in color that are equally popular. Appliances that are white in color also appear to be less cluttered. White lightens up the space making it feel more airy.
• Cooker Head
The cooker heads are available in different mounting options such as wall mounting, under cabinet mounting or island cooker hood. The designs look not only captivating but also stylish. For an uncluttered cooking choose multiple ovens for your kitchen.
When it comes to the kitchen design what you need is an unforgettable and unique look that is also functional.

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