Tips To An Organized, Clutter Free Home


organizing252520tips252520for252520newlyweds25255B425255DHave you ever came home from a tiring day at work looking forward to relax but become stressed instead because of the clutter that awaits you? Are you among those who dreams of a paradise wherein everything is spotless and absolutely in order? And why is it so hard to get out from under the mess only you yourself can control?


You may feel overwhelmed, anxious, and defeated on the thought of decluttering your home. But the decluttering journey does not need to be a painful passage. You only have to come up with some simple and creative ways to get started. Below are decluttering tips to help get you started towards your own personal uncluttered paradise.



5 Steps to an Organized and Clutter Free Home


First Step

Give your unloved items from clothes to inherited furniture to someone who would love it for you. An expert in Feng Shui said that our things is always talking to us energetically. Can you imagine the old bed you inherited from your grandmother talking to you every night while you lay in it? And do you think you will love what it is saying? Do not let the guilt of obligation keep you. Let go of all unwanted items and free yourself of its clutter. There will always be things you are unsure about giving away because of the thought that you might need them someday, take all these items and put them in a box, seal it and date it for 1 year in the future. When you have not found the need to open it to get anything after a year, then donate the box without opening it. You probably do not even remember what was in the box anyway.


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Second Step

Do you know that the biggest hindrance to having an organized, clean house is perfectionism? Your house does not need to be perfect and you do not have to organize every single drawer at all times. You will only be exhausting and depressing yourself. You must be realistic. You cannot get rid of years of clutter in a weekend. You can instead set a routine and declutter for a period of time each day. Take a rest when you need it but stick to your time plan.


Third Step

Start with your sink. If shining your sink becomes a habit, you wouldn’t be able to go to sleep without a shiny sink anymore. When you get up in the morning, you will a have a restful sight to motivate you. Notice how when one space of your home is clean and organized, it becomes contagious and spreads to the other parts of your home.


Fourth Step

When you feel like your decluttering project is just too big and too daunting for you to tackle alone, get help. You can call a friend, they don’t have the emotional attachment that you might have, but they can recognize if something should be kept. Or better yet hire a personal organizer, especially if you have just had a major renovation.


Fifth Step

Be easy on yourself and trust your innate priorities. Decluttering is a way of Life, not a one-time thing. And when you have little kids you might not find the will to organize especially because it is more rewarding to take a walk or go to a picnic with your kids and you will miss these kind of joy in life if you make a career out of decluttering. There will always be time to put your clutters in order.

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