Amazing Design Tips for Kitchen Lighting


In the past one overhead light fixture was enough to light up the kitchen but that is not the case today. Nowadays the functionality and appearance of the kitchen space are highly influenced by the lighting.
To add significant value to your kitchen and get a good return on investment you must design an efficient and attractive kitchen lighting offering a variety of alternatives and controls. Think about upgrading the kitchen lighting scheme whether you are undertaking a major or minor remodel of your home.

Lately, kitchens have become the focal point in the home where everyone congregates. Whether you are building a brand new kitchen or remodeling your existing one it is critical to come up with a kitchen lighting plan for different functions. For instance, you need good bright illumination for areas you will be preparing food and soft warm lighting for entertainment and dining areas.
Homeowners nowadays have a wide range of options and controls that suit multiple tasks and styles. They include recessed lights, bright task lighting, accent lighting for walls and under cabinets and other additional task areas.
The following are some of the design ideas to consider to get your kitchen lighting right.
• Include lighting controls
You need to be able to control the intensity light to suit the multiple functions of the kitchen. This can be achieved through the installation of dimmers that allow the adjustment of lighting compared to just a normal switch. There are even some affordable and sophisticated lighting controls that can be operated wirelessly and are simple to install.
• LED over Fluorescent lighting
Fluorescent lighting has been rapidly replaced by the modern LED lighting. Back in the day, the flickering fluorescent light was the standard kitchen lighting but now that is in the past. The advantage of LED lighting is the ability to choose both color and warmth. For instance, LED has a natural white that resembles daylight that can be used for food preparation, washing dishes or cooking.
• Lighting under cabinetsled-under-cabinet-strip-lights
LED lighting products have transformed the lighting under cabinets. Installing light along the edges under the cabinet is now easy with flexible tape lighting. LED lighting is highly safe to use under the cabinets because it does not heat and will always remain cool.
• Pendant Lighting
Pendant lights are ideal for illuminating general task areas, for example, the kitchen with direct light. The unique style and design of hand-blown glass pendants make a bold statement. The glass is available in a wide array of colors, finishes and style to select from.
• Talk to an expert
Before embarking on any remodeling or renovation of your kitchen, you must get in touch with some electrical contractors and expert designers who specialize in lighting. He or she will help select the best lighting scheme and layout that suits all your needs without at an affordable cost.

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