Amazing kitchen organization tips


A cluttered kitchen can be frustrating especially when you are just settling in a new space. The following are some amazing ideas to get your kitchen more organized for optimum kitchen operations. They will make the kitchen an interesting and fun space to cook and clean.
The kitchen work triangleWork-Triangle
According to this cleaning services Chicago Illinois the way you position your refrigerator, stove and sink which make up the kitchen work triangle will determine how the rest of stuff will fall into place. They will remain in their respective positions unless you have a budget for a complete remodel. Make worth displaying by cleaning them thoroughly both inside and out.
Develop Stations
If you have ever keenly observed a restaurant kitchen you will realize that they have assigned each task a particular station. You can try the same principle for your kitchen and have separate stations for prepping, baking, cooking, cleaning, storing etc.
Organize based on the task
The kitchen should be organized in such a manner that it limits pointless movements to a great extent. For instance the cutlery drawer should be close to the sink so that you can easily put the cutlery away without moving across the kitchen. Unless you do this the cutlery may seldom be put away.
Keep items within an arm’s reach
For convenience put items close to the work stations where they are required. For instance chopping boards and knives should be close to the prep station, dishes and cutlery close to the sink, cooking equipment and spices close to the stove and the baking station should have a mixer and cookie sheets close.
Banish rarely used items
The items you seldom use should be banished away upper or further down. For instance there are items you maybe use only during Christmas or thanksgiving such as the turkey platter, rice cooker, cookie cutters etc.
Arrange the storageOrganize Linen Closet Ide Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Ideas
Arrange the items stored based on how frequently they are used, their color and size to make the kitchen look neat and lovely. This will make the kitchen look inviting and pleasing to the eye.
Beauty and Functionality
Don’t just buy stuff because they look pretty, make sure they are also functional. In fact test them while you are at the store you don’t want to end up with flour canister that does not even open.
Leave things where they belong
After you have carefully positioned everything where it belongs it will be easy to spot what is available and what is not. Check the fridge or cupboards and you should quickly spot the glasses, vegetables, milk and whatever you may be running out of.

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